White Mountains, NH 2018

On Monday the 29th of January, 2018 of our trip we decided to travel straight to Frankenstein cliffs.  Ivan Napotnik photographed our time on Dracula.  Aaron and Matthew climbed up Standard.



On Wednesday the 31st four of us departed early (not as early as Reed Zwanzig wanted) to tag Odell’s Gully.  Aaron and Reed have already completed Damnation, Pinnacle, and now Odell’s Gully.  Isaiah Goodall and I would push on to the summit after the climb.



View from the summit.  Isaiah and I set a goal to be on the summit at 14:00 and heading back down as the weather report predicted a storm that afternoon.  Thankfully it never materialized.



On Friday the 2nd, Reed Zwanzig and I would attempt Mount Adams in some of the worst weather imaginable.  70 mph gusts, temperatures put wind chills into the -50s.  It really was miserable climbing.  We hiked up the Airline Trail and managed to get within several hundred feet of the summit in white out conditions before turning back.  Needless to say not too many photos were taken.  I managed to frost nip my face in a few spots that would scab over in the course of a couple of days.


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