Mount Rainier 2005

In August of 2005, my friend Isaiah and I went to climb across the country and to see some great sites.  One of the spots we visited was Mount Rainier.  We packed military surplus gear and did some reading about what to expect on Mount Rainier.  We had already climbed Hagues Peak, to 10,000 feet in the Tetons, Grinnell Glacier in Montana, a few other miscellaneous hikes, and were in pretty good shape.  We started up and aimed for Mount Ruth on the side of Mount Rainier.  We climbed to about 9000 feet and realized we need more time than we had allotted so packed our bags and headed down to Eureka, CA.  The mountain has haunted my dreams since then.  I will return!



Ten years later, towards the end of 2015 my brother Aaron and a friend of the family, Reed, attempted a Mount Rainier summit bid in earnest.  They were met with some of the worst (warm) climbing conditions and were turned back by extreme exposed crevasses.  I believe the next summit bid on our parts has to be in the winter.

DSC09085   20150926_174816DSC09117




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