Hagues Peak 2005

Hagues Peak is a wild rocky climb in Rocky Mountain National Park.  It is a great first peak and stands at 13,560′.  There is lots of exposure in the last thousand feet of climbing.  My friend Isaiah and I beat this peak in August of 2005.

We arrived late afternoon in Rocky Mountain National Park and camped off the side of the road in the rain.  And more rain.  We used a very old North Face VE-25 from some Marine Corp. buddies.  It leaked.

The next morning we visited the visitor center in the park and got our climbing permits and secured a campsite below the base of the summit trail.  We arrived at the campsite sometime late afternoon that day after a nice long hike.  It was overcast and looked to rain again.  I decided to eat dinner and hit the hay.  My friend Isaiah decided to stay up and take photos and do who knows what else around the campsite and lake in the clouds.

Probably an hour after I rolled over to sleep I heard Isaiah yelling for toilet paper.  I thought he was joking and fell asleep again.  Shortly thereafter he retired in the tent beside me.  The next morning before our hike in pristine weather he told me how something we ate had not settled well with him and he ended up utilizing leaves, pinecones, etc. to finish the matter and would have appreciated a nice roll of biodegradable toilet paper.  I had no idea and had thought he was fooling around.

We made summit by mid day and realized we did not pack enough food.  All we talked about on the long hike back down was food, food, foot long subs, et al.



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