How to Prepare for Mountaineering


If you are like me training for mountaineering will get mundane after a while.  This is especially the case when the next trip is 4-6+ months in the future.  It seems the further out the trek the worse off the motivation will be.  In order to be ready for a multi-day outing you need to train your mind and body for the arduous task.  The gym won’t cut it!  You need some real world challenges to keep you motivated.

For me personally I took up bicycling when my youngest brother sold me his Cannondale CAADX in the Summer of 2017 to train for a trip to Colorado.  That got old too until I picked up the app for my phone called STRAVA!

You can’t beat good old competition to motivate results!  Granted, segment runs are only part of the fun the real thrill comes from riding with friends and family.  Cycling provides a phenomenal low impact way to gain fitness and build lower body muscles, boost endurance, and train your mind to stick with it on those long rides.  I continue to be amazed at the results in my running and climbing without the aches and pains from jogging.

More than a few people have steered away from bicycling for fear of reckless motorists.  This is an understandable concern, but the risk can be mitigated in quiet county locations such as where I live.

I encourage everyone to at least give it a try!  Borrow a friend’s bike or check out your local bike shop for a loaner.  Blue Stone Bike and Run is one great place to start.

And while you’re at it check out some of my stats on STRAVA:

Segment Details via STRAVA


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