Enjoy the Journey


After a busy week it is nice to spend a solid weekend with the family.  I sometimes forget how important the time spent is.

On Sunday we took a walk in the wonderful Winter Storm Gia as meteorologists have decided to call it.  25 degrees, plenty of snow coming down, wife, and four kids headed out to inspect the road and just enjoy our time together.

Before I knew it I had already pulled a solid lead ahead of the wifey to look back and hear her say “Why are you always walking in front of me?”  I know she’s right.  I should slow down and be with them.  So as I walk with her I’m analyzing why I just have to walk so briskly all the time.  My mind is always on the destination and feel pushed to get there.  The journey is completely lost with eyes locked on the distant destination.  Before I know it the children will be grown, the smiles and laughter and fun times all in the past, the meaningful memories and simple times gone.

So my message to all the passerbys is to enjoy the journey on the way to the destination.  It is more than worth it.


About Majestic

Married to a Norwegian beauty whose skills and talents are as unlimited and great as her beauty and kindness!
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