On the edge


Have you ever been to a far off place or to the edge?  It seems that all I can think about when I am here are my loved ones– especially my wife of ten years this October 27, 2017.

The back story: Recently I traveled to Colorado and left my family behind to climb in the Rockies with two of my brothers.  I actually have four brothers.  Two are domestic and two are wild when it comes to the mountains.  We had a grand scheme to climb Capitol Peak and a whirlwind 27 hour window.

We took off from my Aunt’s house at 7 or 8 or so Thursday evening and finished the trip back at her house at 11 or so Friday evening with a two hour bivy in the middle.  Pretty rough!  Needless to say we were wiped out.  Check out the photos and story here.

At one point in the climb I became aware of the sheer drops on either side of the ridge that plummeted down unforgivingly a thousand feet or more.  The wind whipped at me and the snow came in waves off and on.  I am a mortal man and felt I had enough looking over the edge slick as it was.  I admitted defeat and sat there looking down the path I had come.  In my head all I could think about was my wife and the sheer beauty of her friendship.  The view is incredible and my body is warm beneath the layers.  I could sit here for a while.  Home calls.



About Majestic

Married to a Norwegian beauty whose skills and talents are as unlimited and great as her beauty and kindness!
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