On Red Blood Cells

71How well an individual responds physically at elevation depends on a couple of things.  Some argue that O+ blood type carries oxygen better in their blood than others and that makes the difference.  Others argue that you need to take Viagra or similar drugs to encourage better uptake of oxygen in the blood.  Still others have come up with complex methods to acclimatize where a climber will proceed up the mountain and then come back down and then traverse a little higher and come back down.

MountEverest.net puts it like this, “The lack of oxygen at altitude cause your body to need more red oxygen carrying blood cells. Each new blood cell will pick up oxygen from the air and hurry it to your tissues. Your spine will therefore soon start to produce this new blood.”

So it seems that helping your body produce red blood cells is the name of the game.  What if you could consume a natural element that helped you achieve this?

“The health benefits of copper include proper growth of the body…increased red blood cell formation.”  Check out the full article on copper at Organic Facts.

Is Copper the answer?  If so, how will you get this element in your diet daily?  A good whole foods multivitamin might be one way.  How about a copper vessel to carry your water in?  Its a great way to avoid the chemicals in plastic containers.

I personally have several of these vessels and allow raw water straight out of the ground to sit in them overnight before I consume the water.  This allows copper to permeate the water.  Try it!

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